How to start planning for your next dream home interior design

by The Mcbride Team 11/14/2022

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Decorating your space can make all the difference when transforming a house into a home. You may be searching for the right design style to fit your needs, so here are some great ideas to guide you in creating your dream home interior. 

Start with your vision

First, start with what you envision the space. Think about the ambiance you wish to create, as well as the room’s function. Utilizing a notepad or the notes on your phone can help tremendously. This allows you to bring all of your great ideas together in a place you can organize and rearrange. 

For example, you may be planning to decorate a playroom for kids. You may want the space to be lighthearted with a fun aesthetic, yet safe. Perhaps you would like to add kid safe furniture with pictures of their favorite characters. Writing this down can help you pull the design together. 

Fill the room strategically

When shopping for furniture and decorative items, you may find many individual pieces you like. However, it’s important to plan adding things to the room. Too many decorative pieces with different aesthetics may leave the space feeling cluttered. 

You may be decorating a primary bedroom. When considering different spaces within the room, appraise how you wish to utilize the area. Too much furniture and decor items can leave the area feeling confined. With proper planning, the space may feel more open and airy. 

Pull from styles that inspire you

Using your own likes and interests can help when planning your next home design. This is a key ingredient for making your space feel more like a home. 

For example, if you love nature, add natural themes into the space. Find photos of animals or use color schemes befitting a natural outdoor environment. 

Ready to start creating your dream home? Remember to plan out your vision, strategize the room layout, and create a style from what inspires you. If you would like a consultation for your next home design project, a local home designer near you can help!

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